2018 Laureates of the competition

Concert Pianist

Aleksandr KLIUCHKO (Russia) 17 years old

1st Prize (Unanimoustly) Ville de Maisons-Laffitte and Karoly Mocsari Prize

Marcel TADOKORO (France) 24 years old

2nd Prize Ville de Maisons-Laffitte

Julie ALCARAZ (France) 27 years old

3rd Prize Ville de Maisons-Laffitte

List of finalists :

Aleksandr KLIUCHKO (Russia),
Marcel TADOKORO (France),
Hyein JEON (South Korea),
Sunhwa KIM (South Korea),
(United kingdom),
Mayuko OBUCHI (Japan),
Julie ALCARAZ (France),
Mathew LAW (United kingdom).


Lauréats 2018Niveau Excellence
1st Prize
An-Chi MAI (Taïwan) 16 years old
2nd Prize
Van HO KHANH (Vietnam) 15 years old
3rd Prize
Yu-Ting WENG (Taïwan) 18 years old
Special Prize Kaputsin
Xinjie LUO (China) 22 years old


2018 winnersAdvanced
1st Prize (Unanimous)
Arthur COATALEN - (France/Hongria) - 13 years old
2nd Prize (Unanimous)
Naémi POMAREDE (France) 17 years old
3rd Prize
Johannes GAECHTER (Allemagne) 37 years old
Special Prize Messiaen
Félicité LAINE (France) 17 years old
Special Prize Bach
Jean NADRIGNY (France) 12 years old
Special Prize Musique contemporaine
Aloïs COSTE (France) 16 years old

Amateur Concert Pianist

Lauréats 2018Niveau Supérieur
1st Prize Nebout (Unanimoustly)
Tristan LEGRIS (France)
2nd Prize
3rd Prize
Monica TRAICU PERIANU (Romania)
Special Prize Scarlatti
Yuri OGAWA-CIER (Japan)
Special Prize Prokofiev
Nathalie COMBASE (France)
Special Prize Virtuosity
Chenzhang ZHOU (China)
Special Prize Amateurs Virtuoses
Mathieu FRIMAT (France)