To host families, members and volunteers of the Association.

Opus Yvelines is a French not-for-profit Association, reliant on grants and donations.
So thank you to all the organisations, companies, sponsors and donors for their support and, in particular:

The City of Maisons-Laffitte

The city of Maisons-Laffitte:
Jacques MYARD, Mayor of the city and Honorary Member of Parliament
Jacques BARREAU, Assistant Mayor and Head of Cultural Affairs 
Marie-Blanche VILQUIN, Director of Cultural Affairs 
Danièle JEANSONNIE, Director of the Conservatory

The Concert organisers

. The town of Tremblay-en-France
. Karoly MOCSARI, Artistic adviser of l’Association française F. Liszt
. Julien KURTZ, Director of the Festival «Les Amateurs Virtuoses! »
. Françoise LABRUX, Ville de Toulouse
. Vadim TCHIJIK, Director of Festivals
. Isabelle OEHMICHEN, a Concert Pianist
. Elisabeth LEGO, Director of the Virtuoses du Piano, F. Chopin Association
. Danièle CAUMEIL, President of Pro-Musica
. Accueil Musical de Saint-Merri Church
Janos HAVASSI, Director of the Balassi Institute, Institut Hongrois de Paris.
. Fred GRAMANN, Music Director of the American Church in Paris

Support from the musical establishment and others

. Christophe NEBOUT, Director of Pianos Nebout & Hamm.
. Suzanne GAMBINI, Label Lyrinx
. Pierre LEMOINE, Editions Lemoine
. Serge QUINTELA, La clé d'Accord, competition tuner

Our local Sponsors

. Virginie GADENNE, Administrator of the Château de Maisons-Laffitte
. Stéphane HERIGAULT, Director of CASINO Supermarché de Maisons-Laffitte
. Anne PY, Director of l’Hôtel IBIS de Maisons-Laffitte
. Jeremy BUCKLAND, Director of Trophée en Verre
. The Tourism Office
. Mr et Mrs FODOR, La Normande
. Chantal BAYEUX, Présidente de la Société des Amis du Château de Maisons


Our Friends and Partners